Scott Nakamura (scottnak) wrote,
Scott Nakamura

Things About Me: Part 5 of a 25 Part Series

[5] One of my cool achievements in life is to have lost only 3 points total in my Trigonometry class in high school. I had one of the best teachers ever, Mr. Booze! A very lively teacher who gave nicknames to eeeeveryone. After each test you'd also get a sheet that showed your score in the class, as well as your ranking in the class. As a result, I got the nickname of "#1", since well... I was always ranked there.

There was one instance on a test where I didn't get the top score, and that got my nickname bumped down to "Has Been". Though that didn't last too long until I got my #1 nickname back... Fun class, great teacher, awesome memories.

Maybe this also helped why I liked math so much too...

* * *

If you want the answer to the riddle, poke me on AIM. I'm still bugging my friends (nostalgic!) about this and dont want the answer floatin' around.
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