Scott Nakamura (scottnak) wrote,
Scott Nakamura

Things About Me: Part 4 of a 25 Part Series

[4] I looove puzzles / brain teasers. There's nothing like tackling a tricky puzzle, trying to find the small holes and taking in those hints to try and solve something. I suppose that's why I did pretty well in math. Who knows.

But yeah, A bunch of my friends might remember back when, when I was *crazy* about puzzles. I put up a bunch of puzzles on the internets and asked (read: forced) many of 'em to try and figure them out.

Crosswords, Sudoku, Kakuro, whatever they're called. Fun stuff.

Oh hey. Here's one right here. Go ahead and try to solve it. Comments will be screened so you can put your answer down without peer bias :o...
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