Scott Nakamura (scottnak) wrote,
Scott Nakamura

Things about Me: Part 2 of a 25 part Series

[2] I was REALLY good at Japanese... like, so good that I talked absolutely fluently. How? When I was real little, my (Japanese) grandma took care of me as both of my parents worked (at the same company!) And because my Japanese-only-speaking Grandma took care of me a lot... well yeah, only makes sense!

Unfortunately she moved back to Japan, and all of that Japaneseness disappeared. Alas. It would've been nice to have that at my arsenal, but I just have to relearn it all over again. Oh well. I'm taking it again in college! While I did deal with Japanese school on Saturdays *all* through my elementary-middle-highschool career, it didn't really do much to help. I did get to meet a bunch of great friends there. Dealing with the grind for 11 years...

What DID really do much (... doesn't sound right using it positively...) was... well... I suppose that's for another point...
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