Scott Nakamura (scottnak) wrote,
Scott Nakamura

Things About Me: Part 1 of a 25 Part Series

Well. If you've hung around Facebook lately, you'd see the barrage of "25 things" going on. How fun. And if you haven't, well, here it is... except that I don't have the patience to actually get into a groove and keep it going. So... well, why not just separate it into once a day (not necessarily consecutively...) and eventually get to 25. Sounds good. So... lets go!

[1] I'm half-Japanese, half-Korean. I've had people point me out as Japanese before, but I can't recally someone pointing me out as Korean. Also, I get just slightly annoyed if someone knows my last name is "Nakamura" and ask, "oh, which side is Japanese?"

Think a little bit thar eh? Though I suppose maybe if you don't know Nakamura is a Japanese name... (Or I could be just biased against the fact that it obviously is no matter how you hear it. Maybe.)

I do embrace my Japanese side much more though. TV-wise, class-wise, surroundingness-wise, food-wise... yum.
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