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Herro [11 Jun 2009|03:34pm]
Hi all. Tis been a while!

If you know my facebook then you may know, but if not there's no way you could've!

Last two weeks I spent a quick trip around Europe!
Visited 4 places: Barcelona -> Rome -> Athens -> Berlin.

Just got back a few days ago and tryign to recover from all that traveling and walking...

But I did finally finish uploading my pics from the vacation...

If you want to take a look click this link:

It's separated by days (the number before the link)
Or just go to my facebook profile and look at it there. That works too.

Anywhoo that's aboot it.
How you guys doin'

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Things About Me: Part 5 of a 25 Part Series [26 Feb 2009|08:45pm]
[5] One of my cool achievements in life is to have lost only 3 points total in my Trigonometry class in high school. I had one of the best teachers ever, Mr. Booze! A very lively teacher who gave nicknames to eeeeveryone. After each test you'd also get a sheet that showed your score in the class, as well as your ranking in the class. As a result, I got the nickname of "#1", since well... I was always ranked there.

There was one instance on a test where I didn't get the top score, and that got my nickname bumped down to "Has Been". Though that didn't last too long until I got my #1 nickname back... Fun class, great teacher, awesome memories.

Maybe this also helped why I liked math so much too...

* * *

If you want the answer to the riddle, poke me on AIM. I'm still bugging my friends (nostalgic!) about this and dont want the answer floatin' around.
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Things About Me: Part 4 of a 25 Part Series [24 Feb 2009|12:24am]
[4] I looove puzzles / brain teasers. There's nothing like tackling a tricky puzzle, trying to find the small holes and taking in those hints to try and solve something. I suppose that's why I did pretty well in math. Who knows.

But yeah, A bunch of my friends might remember back when, when I was *crazy* about puzzles. I put up a bunch of puzzles on the internets and asked (read: forced) many of 'em to try and figure them out.

Crosswords, Sudoku, Kakuro, whatever they're called. Fun stuff.

Oh hey. Here's one right here. Go ahead and try to solve it. Comments will be screened so you can put your answer down without peer bias :o...
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Things About Me: Part 3 of a 25 Part Series [21 Feb 2009|03:24pm]
[3] I am absolutely obsessed with TV. If you see me at home, you have an 80% chance of seeing me in the living room watching TV (alongside with my laptop propped open). The other 20% chance is me watching streaming video of Japanese TV.

As a result, I have to attribute my knowledge of Japanese have absolutely been hightened by TV. The thing about Japanese Variety TV (Not the silly dramas. Don't need any of that stuff. Variety shows are where the fun is at) is that a lot of what is said is also written on the screen. It absolutely helps to see how things are written in tandem with what is being said to help learn things right? Definitely. That, along with the fact that I love quiz shows too, have helped learn a whole buncha things I couldn't've known otherwise. As for Korean, everything came from TV.

Good stuff TV. DOn't ever let me down.
If only US TV would get into the Japanese groove of things... *shakes fist*
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Things about Me: Part 2 of a 25 part Series [18 Feb 2009|11:06pm]
[2] I was REALLY good at Japanese... like, so good that I talked absolutely fluently. How? When I was real little, my (Japanese) grandma took care of me as both of my parents worked (at the same company!) And because my Japanese-only-speaking Grandma took care of me a lot... well yeah, only makes sense!

Unfortunately she moved back to Japan, and all of that Japaneseness disappeared. Alas. It would've been nice to have that at my arsenal, but I just have to relearn it all over again. Oh well. I'm taking it again in college! While I did deal with Japanese school on Saturdays *all* through my elementary-middle-highschool career, it didn't really do much to help. I did get to meet a bunch of great friends there. Dealing with the grind for 11 years...

What DID really do much (... doesn't sound right using it positively...) was... well... I suppose that's for another point...
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Things About Me: Part 1 of a 25 Part Series [16 Feb 2009|11:38pm]
Well. If you've hung around Facebook lately, you'd see the barrage of "25 things" going on. How fun. And if you haven't, well, here it is... except that I don't have the patience to actually get into a groove and keep it going. So... well, why not just separate it into once a day (not necessarily consecutively...) and eventually get to 25. Sounds good. So... lets go!

[1] I'm half-Japanese, half-Korean. I've had people point me out as Japanese before, but I can't recally someone pointing me out as Korean. Also, I get just slightly annoyed if someone knows my last name is "Nakamura" and ask, "oh, which side is Japanese?"

Think a little bit thar eh? Though I suppose maybe if you don't know Nakamura is a Japanese name... (Or I could be just biased against the fact that it obviously is no matter how you hear it. Maybe.)

I do embrace my Japanese side much more though. TV-wise, class-wise, surroundingness-wise, food-wise... yum.
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久しぶり! [01 Jan 2009|06:32pm]
Hey all. Been a long time since I've done something with this guy.
I don't expect anyone to really pay attention to this though.
I suppose if it still pops up in your friends entries as you're perusing them...

But in case you're in the outside world, all my old entries have been locked up. If you want to see 'em (and I have no idea why you'd want to) just poke me on AIM and I'll MAYBE let you in.

Maybe I'll brush off the rust and get this ol' thing running again.

Really, if you want to know more about me, poke me on AIM or MSN. I'm almost always on if I'm free. Nothing's changed about that. Nosiree.
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